Detecting  metal contaminants in the production of animal feed

No matter what manufacturing method used or whether you produce dry or wet feed, every ingredient in the process harbours its own risk of impurities from contaminants, which can make their way into the manufacturing process. However, new contaminants can also arise during production, such as through wear or damage related to processing machines. Contaminated materials must be identified and eliminated ensuring high standards of quality assurance protecting your customers’ animals and possible reputational damage to your company.

PCP Group provide a technologically perfected range of metal detectors for the reliable detection and automatic removal of contaminants in feed production. Our detection systems and magnets comply with all food hygiene requirements.

Important Considerations

While the major sources of contamination often vary by product, raw materials and equipment used,  we can help Animal Feed processors evaluate their systems and decide where there is the most potential for physical contamination and implement the appropriate detection technologies.
It is also important for operators to consider the amount of space available to install a system in facilities and on production lines which also allows for ease of access.

What kinds of contaminants could appear in feed?

Examples include the following:

  • metal in individual ingredients such as fish hooks
  • flecks of metal from  blades ware
  • wire from a sieve net used to  filter liquid can separate
  • Metal slough in conveyor lines
  • Machine breakage as with shredders

Where and how do feed producers use our detection and separation systems?

Feed manufacturers mainly use magnets to screen incoming raw materials and metal detection as part of the final quality check.

Specific Eriez equipment used in pet food processing applications includes Xtreme Metal Detectors, Drums in Housing, Hump Magnets, Grate Magnets, Deep Reach Magnets and Vibratory Feeders and Conveyors. We  provide free plant audits and work with customers to gain a thorough understanding of their toughest processing challenges.

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