Quality assurance for dairy products

Product safety and consumer protection are top priorities in the Dairy Foods Industry. Our systems ensure the detection and removal of metal contaminants. 

For decades, PCP Group has specialised in systems for industrial metal contaminant detection. We provide a wide range of leading technology  of Metal Detectors, Magnetic Separators and Vibratory Feeders, Screeners and Conveyors  – all designed for the unique needs of the dairy foods industry. effective removal of contaminants in liquid, cream and solid products ensuring that prescribed standards are met, protecting your product and your reputation.

We supply metal detection and material handling systems designed with both the food processors reputation and the consumers safety in mind  meeting national and international food safety standards.

Important Considerations

While the major sources of contamination often vary by product, raw materials and equipment used,  we can assist Dairy Food  processors to evaluate their systems and decide where there is the most potential for physical contamination and implement the appropriate detection technologies.
Operators  also need to consider the amount of space available to install a system in facilities and on production lines and if the equipment requires sanitary construction to eliminate points that can harbour bacteria. Other important considerations are the type and size of possible contaminants, access to desired inspection points, reliability and durability of the selected system.

What kinds of contaminants could appear?


  • flecks of metal from cheese  slicer blades as they ware
  • wire from a sieve net filtering liquid can separate
  • metal slough in conveyor lines
  • machine breakage
  • Operator personal items

Where and how do dairy food producers use our systems?

Our range of metal detectors can support a wide array of dairy products, including pipeline detectors for such pumped items as milk and yogurt and detectors on conveyors for packaged products. 
With some packaging types, like foil lids, 
it is then necessary to include inspection systems in the process at an earlier stage or even at point of entry to protect your process. We have the right solution for any situation and would be happy to advise you on YOUR best solution.

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