Detecting and removing metal contaminants in the Plastics Recycling Industry

For all industries quality assurance is of primary importance. In Plastics Recycling metal contamination is high on the list of concerns. Metal can enter at many stages of production not only effecting the end products but the production equipment itself is at risk, with possible damage and the potential to cause costly stoppages.

We understand how important it is to ensure that the separation process is as effective as possible by detecting and eliminating traces of metal as early as possible in the process.  By the time the product has been sent from granulation to injection moulding, it should already have been cleaned.  To meet these needs Eriez specifically designed the ‘Double Team’  system to remove metal contaminants in the plastics recycling industry.

The ‘Double Team’ approach employs a magnetic separator to capture and remove unwanted ferrous materials, while the Xtreme Metal Detector captures nonferrous metals to provide the cleanest product and protect downstream equipment.

Eriez ‘Double Team’ System demonstration video

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